25th February 2015
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The beginning


Trying to be concise with my wording, I am re-building a significant, little, wooden boat, it is difficult.  I don’t really know what I’m doing, which is definitely what makes it difficult. I could almost end it there but I have been told people may be interested in what I’m up to.  This is an age of social media, I like to do stuff and I likes to rite.  When I was introduced to blogs and such, a few months ago, two things surprised me; the statistics of its considerable usage and some of the pointless tripe that seems to be popular.  Bleating away on this point I was quite rightly reminded that I have a strong opinion for something about which I know nothing.  So, here is my attempt to delve into the matrix of social media.

Before putting fingers to keyboard I needed to consider what is actually interesting about what I am doing.  Is it the technical and practical boat building lessons learnt along the way?  To me and maybe a handful of people trying the same endeavours, probably.  To most other people, probably not.  It will, of course, play a large part in the blog, but then there is the more subjective values of setting one’s goal posts higher than one’s reach; the physical and mental struggles, the jubilation when a seemingly unsolvable problem is solved, the complete desperation and doubt cast when yet another one arises and the motivation / bloody mindedness / mental deficiency to carry on when most others are trying to make you believe you shouldn’t or even worse, can’t.  Boats aside, these are common to most humans.

This, what is turning out to be, all consuming voyage of nearly two decades chasing dreams, well a dream has taken me across the oceans of the world and given me a healthy humility which can only be acquired through justifiable, genuine fears for your mortal existence at the hand of Neptune (and ashtray wielding pimps).  Since its inception this dream has amalgamated with others to elaborate proportions then refined through time and experience to it’s purest form, the core of which being the acquisition of what my now informed opinion regards as a suitable vessel to afford Katja and I the reach of any which horizon we may choose.

Dream as a word is misunderstood, fairytaled, sectioned to dismissal in the same way as conspiracy, hippy or the many other words which have been utilised to conveniently and immediately denounce genuine thought.  Dream as a concept, however, has very real implications, it is something achievable.  Einstein once said “The only limit to human achievement is imagination.”    A brief foray into cosmology will show you that this is now scientifically backed.

On this site you will find; the history concerning the people involved in designing and building this TopHat, Orque; a description of the part played by the TopHat and similar designs in the early development of offshore racing, and an ongoing, step-by-step journal of the re-build.

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